Mapiя Антонів • Maria Antoniv, Cambridge

The International Organization of Ukrainian Communities – Fourth Wave

Maria Antoniw has been involved in fundraisers for the “Dzerelo” orphanage (Lviv), the YWCA women’s shelter (Toronto), «Приятелі Збройних Сил України», and Postcards for Prisoners. She has volunteered for the Invictus games “Army: Re-Birth Exhibition” (Toronto). Maria started an art club for children and youth with disabilities and helps Ukrainians affected by war to settle in the Cambridge area. She organizes plein air painting sessions to help orient the newcomers, and donates her own artwork to many fundraisers in Canada.

Ірина Хромей Джaнстон · Irene Chromej-Johnston, Oshawa

Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada, Eparchy of Toronto

Irene Chromej-Johnston has been a member of UCWLC for over 10 years. She has held several positions on the branch executive, including that of president. She has also been a member of the Eparchial Executive, serving for 10 years as the editor of the eparchial newsletter Obizhnyk.

Марта Чолій Цехош · Marta Czolij Cechosh, Toronto

Shkilna Rada, (СФУЖО) Союз Українок Канади ім. Черняхівської

Marta Czolij Cechosh initiated the organization of the Chernyakhivska Branch of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada (Союз Українок Канади ім. Черняхівської), where she served as president for 20 years. She worked as protocol secretary in the Eastern Executive of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada and as protocol secretary at the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations (СФУЖО). She has been serving as treasurer of Ukrainian Workers of Literature for Children and Youth for 26 years.

Надя Дусановська · Nadia Dusanowsky, Stoney Creek

Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada

Nadia Dusanowsky served on various committees of the UCWLC at the branch level, Eparchial Executive, and National, for 40+ years. She has been a president in two branches, and at present is a president of long standing at her UCWLC branch at Holy Protection Church in Burlington. She is currently 3rd vice-president at the Eparchy and also spiritual chair. She has been a long-time UCWLC Burlington Branch delegate to Ukrainian Social Services, where she was also 1st vice-president for many years.

Богдан Гладьо · Fr. Bohdan Hladio, Oshawa Ukrainian

Canadian Congress – Oshawa Durham Branch

Fr. Hladio served as treasurer/secretary for the UCC – OPC from 2010-13. He wrote monthly columns in the “Visnyk” (UOCC) for youth and adults, and his writings about Orthodoxy in Ukraine have been published online by FordhamUniversity. During his priestly career he has been involved in community, commemorative, charitable, youth, and cultural events and activities, and has participated in the life of various Ukrainian organizations in Ontario including Suspilna Sluzhba in Hamilton.

Божена Іванусів · Bozhena Iwanusiw, Toronto

Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada

Bozhena Iwanusiw has been an active member of UCWLC in her branch at St. Demetrius parish for over 40 years. During this time, she has also been involved with Ukrainian Canadian Social Services as vice-president and then president, and with Pomich Ukraini. She was awarded the St. Volodymyr Medal by the Ukrainian World Congress in 2008 for her involvement in the Ukrainian community. She now centres her energies on the new immigrants from Ukraine.

Анна Яциняк · Anna Jacyniak, Mississauga

League of Ukrainian Canadian Women; Ukrainian Sports Club Karpaty

Anna Jacyniak has helped organize many community events through her involvement in the EuroMaidan committee, housing committee for the resettlement project, and Ukrainian Independence Day committee. She has promoted educational and spiritual events at her parish in Mississauga and demonstrates leadership to children through her work with the soccer club Karpaty. She is active on the board of the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women and with committees of UCC – Toronto.

Петро Кардаш · Peter Kardasz, Toronto

League of Ukrainian Canadians

Peter Kardasz has demonstrated leadership in the Ukrainian community by addressing and raising awareness about issues of historical remembrance, 7youth involvement, and management of a community centre. He has been an active member of the League of Ukrainian Canadians (LUC) for over 20 years and the president of the Etobicoke Chapter of LUC for 10 years. In addition, he has been a board member of the Shevchenko Ukrainian Cultural Centre and UCC – Toronto.

Надя Луцюк · Nadia Luciuk, Kingston

League of Ukrainian Canadians

Nadia Luciuk has, for more than 50 years, voluntarily trained thousands of young people in traditional Ukrainian folk dancing, organized public performances in regional venues for seniors, students, and other ethnocultural groups, and taken an active role in the Ukrainian Canadian Club of Kingston and the Kingston Branch of the League of Ukrainian Canadians. She is currently working to resettle Ukrainian refugees and volunteering with “Stand With Ukraine,” organizing rallies, a flag raising, and fundraising.

Дарія Луців · Daria Luciw, Toronto

League of Ukrainian Canadians

Daria Luciw has worked in community organizations as both a volunteer and an administrator for over 40 years. She has played key roles in the Ukrainian Youth Association, Etobicoke Branch, and continues to do so in the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women, Toronto Branch, and the Ukrainian Cultural Centre at Old Mill Toronto.

Микола Литвин · Mykola Lytvyn, Toronto

League of Ukrainian Canadians

Mykola Lytvyn is head of the LUC – Toronto Chapter. He organized events commemorating the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as well as the leaders of the armed struggle for the freedom of Ukraine. He took part in organizing the raising of the Ukrainian flag in honour of Ukraine’s Independence Day at the Ontario Legislative Building. Under his guidance, LUC – Toronto Chapter supported the construction of the Memorial to the Memory of the Famine in Ukraine in 1932-33 on the grounds of Exhibition Place, and allocated funds for the Friends of Ukraine Defense Forces Fund.

Мирон Максимів · Myron Maksymiw, Toronto

Musicus Bortnianskii; St. Demetrius the Great Martyr Catholic Church

Myron Maksymiw founded Musicus Bortnianskii (Toronto) in 1981 to foster the works of Ukrainian baroque and classical composers. In addition to working with choirs in Canada and Ukraine, he has researched, transcribed, edited, and published a staggering amount of Ukrainian non-secular (religious) choral music over the past 40 years. A champion of Dmytro Bortniansky, Mr. Maksymiw has premiered most of the composer’s music. In 2015, he initiated and organized an annual Festival of Ukrainian Choirs, bringing together choirs from many Ukrainian churches and cathedrals in the GTA.

Андрій Мельник · Andriy Melnyk, Bradford

Ukrainian Canadians of Bradford

Andriy Melnyk has been working for the community for more than nine years. He has been the president of Ukrainian Canadians of Bradford and has been working on numerous projects with the Ukrainian community. He was one of the organizers of the first Ukrainian flag raising in Bradford, which became an annual event. Andriy is very involved with the Ukrainians resettling in Bradford, helping them to find employment and housing.

Іван Москалик · John W. Moskalyk, Toronto

Canada – Ukraine Chamber of Commerce;

Ukrainian National Federation of Canada

John Moskalyk’s earliest roles were as secretary for Club 620 at St. Vladimir Institute and on parish council at St. Demetrius UOC, where he still serves today. He has been vice-president for governmental relations of CUCC; CO-founder of Euromaidan Canada; financial secretary for Dopomoha Ukraini; trustee for the Eastern Eparchy of the UOC; board member of UNF Toronto Branch. He is national secretary, UNF of Canada; secretary, Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation; and board member of Help Us Help; Toronto Culture Festival; UNF Toronto West; and UNF Ridna Shkola.

Наталя Небесна · Natalie Nebesny, Burlington

Organization of Ukrainian Women’s Organization Canada;

Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League

Natalie Nebesny is a UWOC executive member and UCWL treasurer. She has held positions in Plast and Ukrainian National Youth Federation. A dance instructor for Chaika Ukrainian Dance School, she started Barvinok in Hamilton, and Rusalka, St. Mary’ Dance School, and Tyrsa in Burlington. She held many positions over the years in organizations such as UWOC/UNF/UNYF, UCWL, Plast, and Ukrainian Canadian Congress. She continues as UCC Hamilton treasurer, UWOC executive member, and UCWL treasurer.

Маруся Анна Ошукана · Mary-Ann Oshukany, Waterloo

Ukrainian Canadian Women’s League of Canada

Mary-Ann Oshukany, has 40 years of membership in the Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League of Canada and is currently serving her 20th year as president of her local chapter. She is now is teaching English to the new Ukrainian immigrants in Kitchener.

Дарія Павлова-Грицьків · Daria Pavlova-Hryckiw, London

Ukrainian Canadian Congr ess – London Branch

As the former vice-president of the London Ukrainian Centre, Daria Pavlova-Hryckiw is involved in many projects in London’s Ukrainian community. She promotes Ukrainian culture and arts, and she has organized many events over the years, especially concerts and exhibits. Her fundraising activities include efforts for Ukraine and the Centre’s monthly food sales. Among her events are visits by dignitaries, special performances, and holiday celebrations, which have provided rich cultural experiences for the London Ukrainian community.

Еміль Підвербецький · Emil Pidwerbecki, Toronto

Ukrainian National Federation – West Toronto

Emil Pidwerbecki is a true humanitarian, visiting ill and shut-in members, regularly phoning people, and actively mentoring youth. He has been a member of the UNF – West Toronto branch since 2005, showing an outstanding commitment as the financial secretary for 15 years, managing building tenants (Ukrainian Credit Union Ltd.), handling day-to-day banking, and overseeing investments. Each Saturday, he volunteers his time and talent to UNF Ridna Shkola, assisting administrators and teachers, and engaging parents.

Ірeна Шумило Нютон · Irena Schumylo Newton, St. Catharines

Ukrainian Canadian Congress – St. Catharines Branch

Irene Schumylo Newton has been a UCC Niagara Branch representative since 2000 and president for the last nine years. She initiated annual Ukrainian flag-raising ceremonies at five cities/towns in the Niagara Region and has raised the profile of the Ukrainian Community among all levels of government, media, municipal leaders, and community organizations. She is currently vice-president of UCC – OPC and is often the media spokesperson. From the day displaced Ukrainians arrived in Niagara, Irene was personally assisting them, raising funds, and coordinating the collection of humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Любов Славатинська · Lyubov Slavatynska, Toronto

The International Organization of Ukrainian Communities – Fourth Wave

In 2019 Lyubov Slavatynska became president of the “Fourth Wave.” During her presidency, a chapter of the a organization was opened in Sudbury. She organized volunteer efforts to collect, pack, and send humanitarian aid to orphanages, hospitals, and displaced people in Ukraine, and organized fundraising events that allowed Fourth Wave to purchase and deliver four ambulances to war zones. She is also a board member of the Ukrainian Canadian School Board and editor-in chief of Smart Kids, a magazine for Ukrainian children.

Володимир Варивода · Walter Warywoda, Thunder Bay

League of Ukrainian Canadians

Walter Warywoda has been president of the League of Ukrainian Canadians – Thunder Bay Branch for more than 10 years, leading initiatives to promote the Ukrainian culture to Ontarians and organizing pysanky workshops, koliady fundraisers, and Malanka events. He coordinates the use and maintenance of the “Karpaty” summer camp and recreation property. He is working with the provincial and federal governments to streamline the arrival of Ukrainians and matches newcomers with hosts, supporting them through financial and clothing donations, employment, social services, and language lessons.

Леся Винницька · Lesya Winnicki, Toronto

Ukrainian War Veterans Association; Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto

Lesya Winnicki’s volunteer work for the Ukrainian community spans over four decades, from involvement in Sadochok (Toronto) to helping find placements for current Ukrainian war refugees. Lesya has been a member of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress at the national, provincial, and local branch levels. She is active in the Ukrainian War Veterans Committee, organizing annual Remembrance Day commemorations. Her involvement has been felt in the many concerts, galas, commemoration ceremonies, and exhibits she has organized.