UCC-OPC Trillium Award 2024


Adult: Excellence in Volunteerism

Adult: Lifetime Leadership Achievement

  1. Commitment and Dedication: The nominee should have shown a long-term commitment to volunteerism, consistently dedicating their time and efforts towards a specific cause or organization.
  2. Impact and Influence: The nominee should have made a significant impact through their volunteer work, positively affecting the lives of individuals, organizations or Canadian-Ukrainian community. This impact should be measurable and demonstrable.
  3. Creativity and Innovation: Recognizing innovative approaches and ideas in volunteer work can help inspire others and create lasting change. The nominee should have demonstrated creative problem-solving, innovative projects, or unique initiatives.
  4. Leadership and Collaboration: Exceptional volunteers often exhibit leadership skills, taking initiative to organize and lead projects or teams. They should also demonstrate the ability to collaborate effectively with others, inspiring and motivating fellow volunteers towards a common goal.
  5. Positive Attitude and Enthusiasm: Volunteer work can be challenging, but a positive attitude and enthusiasm can make all the difference. The nominee should exhibit a positive and optimistic outlook, serving as an inspiration to others.
  6. Community Impact: Outstanding volunteers extend their impact beyond their immediate responsibilities, positively influencing their community. The nominee should have made a tangible difference within the Canadian-Ukrainian community through their volunteer efforts.
  7. Longevity of Service: While the length of service is not the sole criterion, a sustained commitment to volunteerism over a significant period of time can demonstrate dedication and a genuine passion for making a difference.
  8. Testimonials and Recommendations: Reviews and testimonials from individuals or organizations directly impacted by the volunteer’s work can provide additional validation of their exceptional qualities and achievements.
  1. Longevity and Consistency: The nominee should have demonstrated their exceptional leadership skills and qualities consistently for a significant period of time, typically spanning several years or even decades.
  2. Vision and Innovation: The nominee should have shown a unique ability to envision and implement innovative ideas, strategies, or solutions that have positively impacted their organization or Canadian-Ukrainian community.
  3. Impact and Influence: The nominee should have had a significant and measurable impact on the people and organizations they have led, with a lasting influence on their achievements and continued success.
  4.  Mentorship and Development: Outstanding leaders are also known for their ability to mentor and develop others, helping individuals grow and reach their full potential. The nominee should have a track record of fostering the growth and development of others.
  5.  Community and Social Engagement: Exceptional leaders often extend their influence beyond their immediate responsibilities and actively engage with their community and society at large. The nominee should have made notable contributions to community service, social causes, or philanthropy.
  6. Recognition and Awards: While not the sole criterion, past recognition and awards received by the nominee for their leadership achievements can provide further validation of their exemplary and impactful contributions.

Adult: Cultural Preservation and Development

Youth: Exemplary Youth Award

  1. Cultural Knowledge and Expertise: The nominee should possess a deep understanding and knowledge of the culture they are engaged with. This knowledge may encompass various aspects such as history, traditions, language, arts, and cultural practices.
  2. Preservation and Conservation: The nominee should have made significant efforts to preserve and conserve Ukrainian cultural resources, artifacts, or traditions. This may involve activities such as documentation, restoration, or protection of cultural heritage.
  3. Education and Awareness: Recognizing the importance of education and raising awareness about the Ukrainian culture, the nominee should have contributed to educational programs, workshops, or campaigns that promote knowledge and understanding of the Ukrainian culture to a wider audience.
  4. Community Engagement: The nominee should have actively engaged with the community to ensure the inclusivity and participation of different members. This may involve organizing cultural events, festivals, or community-based projects that foster a sense of collective identity and appreciation for the Ukrainian culture.
  5. Innovation and Adaptation: The nominee should have demonstrated an ability to innovate and adapt traditional practices or cultural expressions to contemporary contexts without compromising their authenticity. This could include the development of new artistic forms, creative cultural initiatives, or the integration of technology.
  6. Collaboration and Networking: The nominee should have actively collaborated with other individuals, organizations, or communities to promote cultural preservation and development.
  7. Local Recognition and Support: Testimonials, feedback, and support from the local Canadian-Ukrainian community or cultural authorities can provide additional validation of the recipient’s exceptional contributions to cultural preservation and development.
  1. Commitment to Community Service: The nominee should demonstrate dedication and a commitment to volunteerism, community service, or engagement in activities that positively impact the Canadian-Ukrainian community.
  2. Leadership and Initiative: The nominee should exhibit strong leadership skills and the ability to take initiative. This includes actively organizing and leading community-based projects, events, or initiatives, and inspiring others to get involved.
  3. Impact and Effectiveness: The nominee should have made a significant impact on their community through their service, resulting in tangible outcomes that address a specific need or issue.
  4. Collaboration and Teamwork: Recognizing the importance of teamwork and collaboration, the nominee should have worked effectively with others, such as peers, community organizations, or local leaders, to achieve shared goals and create a greater impact.
  5. Innovation and Creativity: The nominee should have demonstrated innovative and creative approaches to problem-solving and community engagement. This could include developing new programs, initiatives, or campaigns that address community needs in unique or inventive ways.
  6. Personal Growth and Development: The nominee should have demonstrated personal growth and development through their community involvement. This could include gaining new skills, knowledge, or perspectives, as well as displaying resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous learning.
  7. Positive Role Model: The nominee should serve as a positive role model for their peers and inspire others to get involved in community service and make a difference in their own organizations and Canadian-Ukrainian community.
  8. References and Testimonials: Testimonials and references from Canadian-Ukrainian community members, leaders, or organizations that can substantiate the nominee’s outstanding contributions and character will be considered.

Nominations must be submitted in electronic format no later than April
30, 2024. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.