UCC-OPC Trillium Award


There are two award categories:  

Trillium Award

Trillium Youth Award


Number of Awardees:

Nominations must be submitted in electronic format no later than August 10th of each year.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Awards will be presented annually in the Fall.

Application package must Include:

  • Nomination Form
  • Nomination Statement
  • Biography of the Nominee
  • Resume of Nominee
  • 2 Letters of Support 

Nomination Statement

In 800 words or less provide specific reasons as to why the candidate is deserving of an OPC Award, including responding to the following criteria:

  1. Describe the candidate’s commitment to your organization and the activities or services they provide.
  2. Describe the candidate’s leadership and or volunteer activity with other organizations.
  3. Provide specific examples of quality outstanding leadership and or initiatives.
  4. Provide examples of how the leadership and volunteerism made a significant impact on the community.