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on the occasion of the Council’s

50th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ontario Provincial Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the UCC-OPC has initiated the UCC-OPC Trillium Award.

This Award honors individuals, both youth and adult, who have made meritorious contributions in a volunteer capacity, to create a strong, vibrant, and active Ukrainian Canadian community in the province of Ontario.


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Trillium award

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Ontario Provincial Council 50th Anniversary and Launch of the  Trillium Award September 29,2022, St.Catharines, ON         On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ontario

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UCC-OPC Trillium Award (press release)

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Ontario Provincial Council of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the UCC-OPC has initiated the Annual UCC- OPC Trillium Award. This Award honours individuals, both youth

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Ukrainian CUAET Newcomers' Ontario Resource Package

UCC Ontario and UCC National are pleased to launch the Ukrainian CUAET Newcomers’ Ontario Resource Package.
“This much-needed Resource Package provides Ukrainian newcomers with all of the integral information they need at every stage of their journey – from obtaining all documents that they need, their legal rights, and how to find temporary housing, to meeting day-to-day needs of childcare and banking, to settling into the community and accessing health care, education and employment,” stated UCC Ontario President, Taras Bahriy. “This essential resource will provide the ability for every newcomer arriving in Ontario to be able to make decisions tailored to their unique needs and preferences.”

The resource package concisely identifies the multitude of needs that newcomers have, and provides clear information on how these needs can be met based on services provided by available provincial institutions.

The document provides key information on:

  • Documents of Life (SIN, OHIP)
  • Legal Rights in Canada
  • Phone & Wi-Fi Plans
  • Transportation
  • Temporary and Permanent Housing
  • Financial Assistance and Services
  • Food Access
  • Childcare
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Employment Support


 20th Anniversary Project: Ukraine – Heritage, Spirit and Future

JULY 22 – SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

To mark its 20th Anniversary, and to help strengthen Ukraine’s cultural legacy, the Hnatyshyn Foundation announces a program of awards designed to recognize and celebrate exceptional talent in performing artists 35 years and under, by offering ten awards of $10,000 each to young Canadian performing artists of Ukrainian heritage and ten awards of $10,000 each to young Ukrainian citizens who have been recently displaced.
A gala fundraiser concert will be organized in 2023 featuring the winners of the contests.  The proceeds of this concert will be used to restore or rebuild a cultural centre or cultural space in Ukraine.

The deadline for candidates to submit their application is September 19th, 2022.  For contest guidelines, information on the artistic disciplines, and access to the application form. click here

Trillium Award Brunch

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